NEW COLLECTOR INFORMATION What are the different types of cards and card sets in a program? Common Cards: Also referred to as "Base Cards." These cards make up the base set of players or individuals used in a program. Base Set: The base set is the collection of Common Cards used in a specific program. Rookie Card: This is a player's first major trading card from a major manufacturer. Factory Set: A set the manufacturer will produce that is a collection of all the common cards from a specific program. Parallel Cards: These are slight variations of the common cards and can be found randomly inserted into the packs. The variations can range from foil color, to card stock or even to numbering. Insert Cards: Also referred to as "Chase Cards." These are the manufacturer's specialty cards and are randomly inserted into the packs or boxes at a lesser rate than the common cards. They have specific designs in addition to definitive Parallels. Less

Minted on: 24th Aug 2023
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